Autonomous Security Robots

With extensive experience, our Ozland Group Solutions security division provides full-scale solutions with top tier advisors, on-ground security officers and unrivalled technology.

We're now raising the benchmark even further with the introduction of autonomous security robots.


The Argus S5.2 is the world's most advanced autonomous security robot. Military-grade vision and protection ( tested in extreme climates ) provide security surveillance far beyond any other technology. AI enabled learning pairs with elite recognition capabilities for rapid detection and threat response. Where human intervention is required, the Argus S5.2 facilitates an operator interface with the threat vector.


Key Capabilities include:

360° continuous vision

Dual spectrum thermal and visual PTZ cameras

Better-than-human detection / tracking in night and day

Cyber Security Solutions

Collision avoidance and obstacle detection

Sound notification, IP intercom and panic button

12-16 hours of operational duration and automatic charging


Ozland Group Solutions security robots are purpose-built with all-terrain capabilities, 360-degree recorded vision and thermal PTZ cameras that detect threats in any environment.

Our robots provide a continuously patrolling solution with greater than human capabilities that will significantly increase the capability of even the most sophisticated security services.

Where cost drivers are important, companies can secure their premises at a significantly lower cost.

For more information, contact:

George Petsinis
Phone: + 61 411122260