Shehzad Mehmood


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Security Manager Shehzad Mehmood for his outstanding commitment, unwavering professionalism, and continuous support. Shehzad has consistently gone above and beyond his duties, embodying the true spirit of Ozland Group Solutions. A round of applause for Shehzad Mehmood, whose dedication has not only elevated our security standards at 151 Clarence Street but has also strengthened our brand.

Kamaljeet Kadwal


A big shoutout to our exceptional Security Manager, Kamaljeet Kadwal, for his outstanding positive attitude, unwavering dedication, and unwavering support for the team at 420 George Street. Kamaljeet’s commitment to teamwork and loyalty to Security Manager Hafiz Ali truly set him apart. Kamaljeet goes the extra mile, consistently working hard to uplift the team and demonstrating a readiness to step up whenever needed. His dedication is truly commendable, as he even sacrifices his days off, willingly coming into work to assist when called upon by Hafiz. Thank you, Kamaljeet, for your exceptional commitment and for being a shining example of teamwork and positivity.

Muhammad Rizwan


Meet Muhammad, the shining star from our security team at 201 Kent Street! Muhammad goes above and beyond on every rostered shift, demonstrating exceptional dedication to his role. Not only does he support his Security Manager, William Putai, but he also does it with a positive attitude-even on his days off! His commitment hasn’t gone unnoticed! The Facilities Management team onsite consistently recognises Muhammad for his outstanding efforts and willingness to learn. Muhammad, your hard work and dedication truly set a gold standard for the entire Ozland Group Solutions family. We appreciate your tireless efforts and the positive impact you bring to the team.

Armen Chehily

Ozland Team Leader of the Year for December 2023

A special shoutout to Armen Chehily for leading with excellence! Your guidance and leadership have been instrumental in our success.

Ben Robert

10X Award for December 2023

10X Award 2023 A big high-five to Ben Robert for consistently going above and beyond, contributing tenfold to our success! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Richard Olorenshaw

There is always a better way! Innovation Award for December 2023

There is always a better way! Innovation Award 2023 While not pictured, we want to recognise Richard Olorenshaw for his innovative spirit. Your dedication to finding better solutions is truly commendable.

David Ellis

Operations Team Contributor of the Year for December 2023

Operations Team Contributor of the Year 2023 Kudos to David Ellis for your exceptional contributions to our operations team! Your hard work and efficiency have set a remarkable standard.

Steven Paul

Support Team Contributor of the Year for December 2023

A round of applause for Steven Paul! Your unwavering support and commitment have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for going above and beyond for the team.

Tony Sinicropi

Connector Award – Ozland Team Member of the Year for December 2023

A big congratulations to Tony Sinicropi for being the glue that keeps us together! Your dedication and teamwork have truly made a lasting impact.

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