Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are known to be profitable investments due to their stability and steady income streams.


Rodents, primarily rats, are the most common pest problem our Facilities Management clients are dealing with.

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Megatrends are trajectories of change with the potential to have a significant and transformative influence.


Access, ownership, and hidden costs. In this article we identify a few points that your building data strategy should address right now.


There are some fresh HVAC recommendations to deal with airborne COVID-19 and the climate catastrophe. However, since so much is beyond our control, keeping up with regular HVAC maintenance is our greatest opportunity to be ready.

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According to an FM Global study analysing the economic, supply chain, and climatic risks of 130 countries, Australia is a robust choice for firms trying to grow into new markets.

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According to David Walsh, there are four methods to use building analytics to lower operational costs, extend the life of equipment, and guide capital upgrade decisions.

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Due to the ever-increasing complexity of modern buildings as well as the higher demands being made by tenants, landlords, and regulatory authorities, facilities and building management have become increasingly challenging over the past couple of decades.

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The job of a Facilities Manager used to be much simpler. They were in charge of the company's physical amenities, as well as its safety, security, and compliance. It was straightforward and functional. However, their role has changed in recent years.


As our population continues to grow, the redevelopment of our cities is becoming more important than ever. As a result, this growing trend presents a great opportunity for investors to capitalise on.


Technology has become such a necessity to daily living, both work and leisure, that it is no longer enough for a building just to house our electronics. Now, we expect a building to be “smart” and work for us.


Gender equality is about fundamental human rights and it forms an integral part in our business strategy to being a world class organisation. Here at Ozland Group Solutions, we are continually striving to better embrace and expand the culture, experiences, and talents of our people across all races, genders, ages, religions, and identities.


With the recent pandemic giving everybody cause to think about all aspects of hygiene, one area we often forget is air conditioning. When people have infectious diseases, the spread can occur from people coughing, sneezing or even speaking. While droplets can’t really get into ventilation systems, the smaller particles from coughing or sneezing certainly can.


There is no denying that electric vehicles (EV) are the future of the automotive industry. In 2021 Australia recorded 20,665 EV sales, a significant increase from the 6,900 sold in 2020, which means electric cars now make up 1.95% of the new car market.


It seems that we are being bombarded by bad climate news more and more with no end in sight. Despite the efforts of individual countries and international organisations, we are still failing to stop the growth of emissions globally.


The way we are now using offices and our workplace is constantly evolving. Economic changes, technological developments, automation, globalization, and the COVID-19 pandemic have all played a crucial role in also shaping our view of these over the past 2-year.


Security in Australia is a rapidly growing industry and over the past few years, the industry has been undergoing some significant changes.

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The call for enhanced health and safety measures across schools, commercial buildings, retail centres and workplaces during the pandemic has revolutionised the role of the facility manager and their supporting teams.

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