At Ozland Group Solutions our approach is to sit with you and gain an understanding of your company’s pressure points. From there we will develop and tailor different solutions to match your specific needs, relieve that pressure and deliver through one point of contact.

Your Partner

Your brand is our brand and that is why we will always do what is required to enhance both of our reputations.

Our People Make The Difference

We have one of the most trusted, experienced, and innovative teams in Australia, committed to building solid relationships with your staff, partners and customers. It is our people that protect your brand and support your growth.

Image of Ozland Group Solutions CEO James Carlile


We are dedicated to Women’s Equality and Safety and seek to improve the opportunities and economic outcomes available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as well as People with Disabilities to achieve meaningful and sustainable careers. We are committed to finding opportunities that lead to better social and cultural outcomes for everyone.


We also understand the extreme challenges that face our planet in the form of climate change, and we are determined to do what we can to contribute to a net zero emissions target for our planet.

Optimising Customer Experience

Once we partner with you, we never stop looking for cost-effective and efficient ways of doing things while optimising customer experience.

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We take the time to understand your company’s pressure points and tailor solutions to meet your needs.