Moiz Shareef

We are proud to recognise Moiz for his exceptional dedication to his duties and his incredible contributions to the team. As a security officer, Moiz consistently goes above and beyond, demonstrating thorough checks and patrols that help identify numerous security and safety concerns.

What makes Moiz truly remarkable is his ability to perform his duties largely unsupervised during the Night Shift. Despite the challenges, he remains vigilant and attentive, ensuring that any issues and risks are promptly identified and recorded. Moiz even goes the extra mile by capturing images as evidence, which he then sends to Building Management for further action in the morning.

Furthermore, Moiz’s commitment to detail is evident in his comprehensive handovers and Shift Reports. These documents not only showcase his meticulous patrols but also provide concrete evidence of his remarkable attention to detail.

Congratulations to you, Moiz, for your outstanding achievements. Keep up the fantastic work!