The Future of Security

Security in Australia is a rapidly growing industry and over the past few years, the industry has been undergoing some significant changes.

Emerging technologies are providing new opportunities and allowing the industry to further professionalise, and enhance its overall capability.

So, what do we see as some of the most significant shifts in security here at Ozland Group Solutions? Here’s our top 5…

#1 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI isn’t just helping Facility Managers make quicker and smarter decisions, cut costs, and optimise building operations, this technology is keeping people safer both online and in-person.

As surveillance systems become more complex and the volume of security-related data increases, artificial intelligence presents a powerful solution, capable of processing large quantities of visual data without fatigue which working hand in hand helps keep security teams increasingly efficient and effective.

#2 Smart Building & Technology Solutions

Operating Smart Buildings is now more than just a buzzword. Real-time reporting from connected sensors, lighting, and HVAC will allow you to seamlessly monitor and automate operations for your buildings – making sure that your facility is operating at peak performance. Complementing this tech is the incorporation of data analysts and scientists to security teams that can provide expert insights into the operations of an asset.

Coupled with IoT solutions and tech such as people tracking enhancing security delivery, integrating smart technology into your building is not just a nice-to-have but becoming a must for most Facility Managers.

#3 Robotics and Drone Technology Advancements

In security environments, the evolution of autonomous robots are enabling Facility Managers to collect and react to security-related information in a far superior manner. These robots can carry multiple visual and thermal cameras, gas sensors and two-way communication systems that enable security teams to assess situations that might otherwise be difficult or dangerous.

In a similar fashion, drones can give security teams the edge by providing a birds eye view with the ability of automated monitoring of properties on schedule, person tracking and analysis of an environment from the air.

#4 Cyber Security

With tech and online playing such an integral part in security, it’s no surprise that cyber security is going to play a leading role in the future of the Australian Security Industry.
Australians alone spent $5.6 billion dollars on cyber security in 2020 and that figure is projected to increase to $7.6 billion by 2024. The industry is growing too quickly for the demand to keep up, making cyber one of the safest security jobs out there for a long-term career.

#5 Tailored Security Solutions

Long gone are the days where a one-size-fits-all model or solution works for Landlords and Facility Managers.

Different assets require different solutions to mitigate risks that are specific to them. Similarly differing industries require different security solutions and we see that a focus on both fostering trust and tailoring services to the individual business is critical to the success in the delivery of security solutions. As such, so is enhanced training to deliver these tailored security services.

Here at Ozland Group Solutions, we’ll work with you to determine the elements best deployed to address the specific risks and requirements you may encounter. Our experienced and passionate team will also help you to create a tailored solution to help safeguard the wellbeing of employees, tenants and visitors.

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